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Rough Notes® magazine Media Kit | Advertiser opportunities


Effective January 2017

2017 Rough Notes magazine Editorial Calendar

2017 Rough Notes magazine Rate Card

PDFs for Download:

2017 Rough Notes Magazine Media Kit - Complete (8.0 MB PDF) Acrobat Reader

2017 Rough Notes Magazine Editorial Calendar, Rate Card and Mechanical Requirements (680 KB PDF) Acrobat Reader


The Insurance Marketplace® Media Kit | Advertiser opportunities


Publication: December 2015
Reservation Deadline: September 14, 2015
Material Deadline: September 21, 2015

2016 The Insurance Marketplace Rate Card

2016 The Insurance Marketplace Mechanical Requirements

PDFs for Download:

2016 The Insurance Marketplace Media Kit - Complete (5 MB PDF) Acrobat Reader


Rough Notes® Benefits Media Kit | Advertiser opportunites


Effective January 2016

PDFs for Download:

2016 Rough Notes Benefits Media Kit - Complete (1 MB PDF) Acrobat Reader


Advertising Representatives

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