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Whatís Integrated and Included
in The Agency OnLine?

Now includes ACORDô forms library!

• Policy Form & Manual Analysis Service (PF&M)
• Insurance Words & Their Meanings
• Coverages Applicable
• Risk Survey/Commercial
• Risk Survey/Personal
• e-marketing for Agencies
• Business Building Letters
• Rough Notes® magazine
• The Insurance Marketplace®
• The Complete ACORD™ forms library!

How are over 2,000 agencies using The Rough Notes Agency OnLine?

Commercial producers
Save time and gain expertise by using The Agency OnLine’s risk management survey to determine all the risk-specific exposures for more than 600 different kinds of businesses.

Save time and gain confidence with The Agency OnLine’s Business Building Letters to find professionally written agency letters which address more than 300 different situations.

New producers
Save time and gain answers and understanding to coverage questions by using The Agency OnLine’s 5,000-page encyclopedia (Policy Form & Manual Analysis).

Personal lines producers
Save time and provide better service by using The Agency OnLine’s Personal Risk Management Survey to stay current with clients by providing an annual complete coverage check-up.

Marketing managers
Save time and gain the ability to write the entire account by accessing the industry’s most comprehensive specialty lines directory and linking to more than 650 E&S carriers, MGA/MGUs and program administrators.

Agency owners
Save time and money on the Agency’s E&O premium, and avoid potential E&O situations by using The Agency OnLine E&O coverage checklist.

The entire library of ACORD™ forms is now available for the first time to The Agency OnLine subscribers. These forms can be accessed directly either by form number, form name, or by state-specific searches. Direct links from our Commercial Risk Survey allow you to find the correct ACORD™ form from our coverage definitions. This new addition to The Agency OnLine can offer convenience and savings to your agency.

What makes this product so easy to use?

Our global search engine puts you two or three mouse clicks away from a variety of products that provide the information that gets the sale.

How can this product make you an expert?

Our Risk Survey/Commercial provides you with pre-visit information for over 600 kinds
of business. You sound like an
expert with:

• A narrative that describes the business and provides exposure and coverage advice.
• A questionnaire to gather extra information that helps get a fast quote.
• A printable checklist of coverages for specific risks; requires the customer to accept or reject each coverage, helping mitigate your E&O.
• A coverage definition for each item on the checklist for a quick reference.

Our Risk Survey/Personal provides you with pre-visit information for personal lines and farm risks. It helps identify exposure that might be forgotten, and includes:

• A pre-renewal questionnaire.
• A questionnaire that gathers extra information to help identify coverage needs and potential gaps.
• A printable checklist of optional endorsements; requires the customer to accept or reject each one, helping mitigate your E & O.
• A coverage definition for each item on the checklist for a quick reference.

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• 16 MB RAM

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