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AD CLOSING: 12/03/13
MATERIALS: 12/09/13

Editorial Highlights:
Specialty Lines: Commercial auto/trucking
• Environmental/Pollution Including Asbestos abatement, Trucking Hazards, Clean Up/ Mold etc.
Benefits Products & Services: Disability • Cover agents look at 2014



AD CLOSING: 1/03/14
MATERIALS: 1/08/14

Editorial Highlights:
Specialty Lines:Residential contractors—including builders risk and wrap-up
• Surety bonds
Voluntary Benefits Special Report
• CICA Special Section
Bonus Circulation:
• Captive Insurance Companies Association (CICA) International Conference
• Workplace Benefits Renaissance
• American Insurance Marketing & Sales Society's Pro-to-Pro Executive Retreat
• PIA of Florida Agent Expo

AD CLOSING: 2/04/14
MATERIALS: 2/07/14

Editorial Highlights:
Specialty Lines: Boating
• Cyber Liability
• Professional liability for medical professionals
Workers Comp Special Section
Benefits Products & Services: Self Funded Programs
• Florida Special Report
Bonus Circulation:
• National Alliance MEGA Seminar
• PIA Federal Legislative Summit & Board Meetings
• Extreme Networking (Sitkins International)
• NetVU Conference
• Benefits Selling Expo

AD CLOSING: 3/04/14
MATERIALS: 3/07/14

Editorial Highlights:
Specialty Lines: Amateur athletics
• Hole-in-one
• Country clubs
• Excess flood
• Personal umbrella
Benefits Products & Services: Disability
Bonus Circulation:
• RIMS Annual Conference

AD CLOSING: 4/04/14
MATERIALS: 4/08/14

Editorial Highlights:
Specialty Lines: Social services agencies and Nonprofits
• Specialty Trucking
• Trucking Trends & Statistics
• Florida Special Report
Benefits Products & Services: Long Term Care
Bonus Circulation:
• Target Markets Mid-Year Meeting
• AAMGA Annual Meeting
• Benefits Selling Expo

AD CLOSING: 5/05/14
MATERIALS: 5/09/14

Editorial Highlights:
Specialty Lines: Hospitality – hotels, bars and restaurants
• Condo Associations
• Agent E&O
Benefits Products & Services: Self Funded Programs
Bonus Circulation:
• FAIA Annual Convention
• IMCA Annual Meeting
• National Alliance MEGA Seminar

AD CLOSING: 6/04/14
MATERIALS: 6/09/14

Editorial Highlights:
Specialty Lines: Mid-year construction report—including heavy construction, bridges,
roads and tunnels
• Architects and engineers E&O
• Risk mitigation technologies
• Construction Trends & Statistics
Voluntary Benefits Special Report
• Workers comp
• VCIA Special Section
Bonus Circulation:
• VCIA (Vermont Captive Insurance Association
Annual Meeting
• Workplace Benefits Mania
• LAAIA (Latin American Association
of Insurance Agencies) Convention

AD CLOSING: 7/02/14
MATERIALS: 7/08/14

Editorial Highlights:
Specialty Lines: Convenience Stores/Gas Stations
• Aviation
Benefits Products & Services: Life




AD CLOSING: 8/04/14
MATERIALS: 8/08/14

Editorial Highlights:
Target Markets Special Section
• Alternative market report
• Cyber risks
Benefits Products & Services: Accident & Health
Bonus Circulation:
• ASCnet TENCon
• Target Markets Program Administrators Association Summit
• Employee Benefit Adviser Summit

AD CLOSING: 9/03/14
MATERIALS: 9/08/14

Editorial Highlights:
Specialty Lines: Professional liability – including doctors, lawyers, accountants, architects and engineers
• Professional Liability Trends and Statistics
• Insurance agents E&O
Benefits Products & Services: Dental
Bonus Circulation:
• NAPSLO Annual Convention
• PLUS (Professional Liability Underwriting Society) International Conference
• Extreme Networking (Sitkins International)
• National Alliance MEGA Seminar
• Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress
• 60th U.S. Annual Employee Benefits Conference

AD CLOSING: 10/03/14
MATERIALS: 10/08/14

Editorial Highlights:
Specialty Lines: Security industry—including burglar and fire alarm safety equipment, security guard services, and detective agencies
• Health care opportunities
Benefits Products & Services: Critical Illness
Bonus Circulation:
• IRMI (International Risk Management Institute) Construction Risk Conference

AD CLOSING: 11/03/14
MATERIALS: 11/07/14

Editorial Highlights:
Specialty Lines: 2015 Specialty Market Preview
• Convenience Stores/Gas Stations
• Emerging new products in the property/casualty industry
Voluntary Benefits Special Report
Bonus Circulation:
• Workplace Benefits Transition

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