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People Management

Know yourself

By Sean Neumayer

It strikes suddenly while you’re at work—that sinking feeling that comes from knowing you just made a huge mistake. Whether you’ve shown favoritism, sent a rage-filled e-mail, misaligned priorities or intimidated someone, there’s a price to be paid.

Want to make better choices on the job?

Know yourself.

For example, if you’re a highly vocal, animated individual, you may be a pleasure to work for, but be careful about letting personal feelings color your decisions or sway your stance. Realize you could be prone to falling for sob stories or giving too many nightmare employees too many extra chances. Guard against failing to uphold critical but unpopular rules simply because you don’t want to be seen as the proverbial “bad guy.”

Are you extremely assertive and proud to be known as an enforcer? Watch that you don’t cross lines and take overly bold, quick action that comes back to haunt you later. Patience and tact may elude you all too often. Make a conscious effort to stop and ask: “Do I really want to do this?”

Anticipating your probable response to challenging work situa­tions allows you to pause and make thoughtful decisions. It also helps eliminate that, “Uh-oh, what did I just do?” pain.

What’s your most challenging personality flaw? Drop me a line, and let me know how you deal with it on the job.

The author
Sean Neumayer has been a consultant with the Omnia Group for more than 10 years, helping agencies in several facets of selection, management, and retention of key employees. He regularly speaks with insurance groups regarding best practices. His contact information is 800-525-7117, Ext. 1242.
















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