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Beyond what's required

Community Service Award honors agents for extraordinary service to others

An article in the October issue of Rough Notes magazine kicked off the nomination process for the Rough Notes Company's 2013 Community Service Award. Nominations will be accepted through the end of 2012.

Agents, brokers or their entire firms may be nominated for charitable work that demonstrates selfless commitment to the needs of other people in their community or around the world.

Nominations may come from anyone in the industry—another agent, an insurance company person, an association or other industry organization that has contact with the nominee. On the next two pages you will find the details concerning nominations as well as the nomination form itself.

The Community Service Award calls attention to a service project or projects supported by agents or agencies. Although those who are nominated for the award are motivated by service rather than recognition, it is hoped that the award—by promoting agents' community service work—will inspire others in our industry to take up their own service causes.

The award winner will receive a check for $5,000 to be used to further the charitable work. The check will be payable to the winner or charity designated by the winner. The winner also will be the guest of the Rough Notes Company at a dinner in March 2012, along with members of the Rough Notes editorial advisory board. It will be the 14th annual presentation of the award.

The award recognizes people who demonstrate a commitment of caring that goes beyond attending meetings of charity organizations. They are leaders who find time in their midst of their own busy work schedules to spearhead projects that serve critical human needs, enthusiastically giving of their time and money. In the process, the inspire others to do the same. They make the communities they serve a better place.

The Rough Notes Company has a long-standing (134-year) commitment to the independent agency system. We are proud of that association and especially proud when we think of the service work that agents perform outside their everyday business responsibilities.

We look forward to honoring that work with our 14th annual Community Service Award.

The Rough Notes Company

Community Service Award

Award Conditions and Prerequisites:

Purpose: To recognize and present an award to an independent insurance broker, agent or agency that has demonstrated extraordinary community service within his, her or their local, regional or national community. To present winning agency or charity designated by the agency with a check in the amount of $5,000 to help further its special cause(s).

Criteria: Nominees will be judged on their overall contribution (funds raised, people helped, volunteerism, etc.) to their community service project and/or initiative, and positive impact (both short-term and long-term) that their efforts have made toward their community.

Nomination period: Nominations will be accepted at the offices of Rough Notes magazine by U.S. mail, overnight delivery or hand-delivery up to and including December 31, 2012. No nomination forms will be accepted after December 31. Please note that no facsimiles or e-mails will be accepted.


1. Nominators must complete the nomination form in its entirety and provide all supporting documentation.

2. All nomination forms and supporting documentation must be received no later than December 31, 2012.

3. No facsimiles or e-mails will be accepted.

4. All nomination forms and supporting documentation become the exclusive property of The Rough Notes Company. Further, the nomination form and supporting documentation may be used at the sole discretion of Rough Notes magazine to publicize the award and award recipient, and to promote the Community Service Award program.

5. Incomplete nomination forms or nomination forms without supporting documents will not be considered.

6. Nominators may nominate themselves or their agency.

Selection: Designated individuals from The Rough Notes Company and selected others will review all nomination forms and supporting documentation and select a winner and honorable mention recipients. The winner and honorable mention recipients will be honored at Rough Notes magazine's Marketing Agency of the Year awards dinner in Indianapolis.


1. The agent or agency will receive a check for $5,000 to be used to further its charitable endeavors.

2. The winning broker, agent or agency will be presented with a sculptured engraved eagle.

3. Rough Notes magazine will publish an article to publicize the community service project and award winner.

The awards dinner will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana, in March 2013.

Mailing: All nomination forms and supporting documents are to be sent to:

The Rough Notes Company

Attention: Community Service Award

11690 Technology Drive

Carmel, Indiana 46032-5600


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