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Automated RONOCO Calculator Wheels© — For over 60 years, insurance professionals have used the RONOCO Calculator Wheels© for quick, accurate, time-saving calculation of additional premium, and cancellation and endorsement refunds. Now automated, the Windows-based software offers instant calculations and multiple features including: cancellation/endorsement changes, multi-transaction calculations, target cancellation dates. The software installs as a Windows desktop program on individual workstations, so order the program for each user! If you have been using multiple manual calculator wheels for each line of you can have them all in one! As always, quantity discounts apply.

Minimum System Requirements: Microsoft Windows 95®, Windows 2000®, Windows XP®
Full-Featured Price: $225.00
Annual Renewal: $75.00

The Producer OnLine — Save time and gain expertise by using The Producer OnLine’s risk management survey to determine the risk-specific exposures for more than 600 different kinds of businesses. Gain confidence with The Producer OnLine’s Business Building Letters to find professionally written agency letters which address more than 300 different situations. Gain answers and understanding to coverage questions by using The Producer OnLine’s 5,000-page encyclopedia (Policy Form & Manual Analysis). Save time and provide better service by using The Producer OnLine’s Personal Risk Management Survey to stay current with clients by providing an annual complete coverage check-up. Gain the ability to write the entire account by accessing the industry’s most comprehensive specialty lines directory (The Insurance Mareketplace) and linking to more than 650 E&S carriers, MGA/MGUs and program administrators. Save money on the agency’s E&O premium, and avoid potential E&O situations by using The Producer OnLine E&O coverage checklist.

Minimum System Requirements: Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.1®, Windows 95® compatible computer, 100MB available disk space, 16MB RAM
12-Month Subscription: $1,600.00



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