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May 2013

Marketing Agency of the Month:
Advocates for their clients
Most Insurance constantly looks at things from the client's point of view.

Specialty Lines Markets:
Helping stretched-thin social services agencies
Organizations serving the needy present opportunities, despite their funding challenges.

A grand strategy
Glatfelter Insurance Group listens to its agents and delivers money saving technology solutions.

Benefits Agency:
A strategic perspective
Evolving with the industry is a proven recipe for success for this Georgia agency's benefits division.

Moving forward with specialty trucking
Challenges create opportunities for agents as economy recovers.

Other Feature Stories:
An enhanced role for RRGs
Future looks good for further expansion of risk retention groups.

Weather risk management: The heat is on
The weather-related marketplace is poised for rapid growth.

No disabled veteran left behind
The industry rallies to support the goals of Disabled Veterans Insurance Careers.

Trucking represents a $6 billion market
Other transportation firms boost that total significantly.

New Jersey agents are co-winners of Rough Notes' Community Service Award
Their foundation helps families dealing with childhood cancer.

Add life to your agency
Help your clients manage their human asset risks.

World Economic Forum: Reality check
Turns out, we are our brother's keeper.


Winning Strategies—Changing the conversation
Avoid the commercial commodity trap: sell value, not price
By Roger Sitkins

Agency Financial Management—Simple strategies for agency growth
Establish measuring points, then consider basic business expansion moves

By Rick Dennen

Social Media Forum—Tone-deafness—It's not just a musical malady
Comments on social media travel faster and farther—Avoid the traps
By Tom Wetzel

Risk Management—The perils of the additional insured endorsement
Coverage may extend only to contracting parties; completed operations may be excluded

By Donald S. Malecki, CPCU

Internet Marketing—Your agency's path to success
Amp up your sales culture and develop an effective lead conversion strategy

By Adam DeGraide

Benefits Products & Services—Health plan calls in the doctor
NJ insurer's outcomes-based health program is built on cooperation with medical practices

By Thomas A. McCoy, CLU

Risk Managers' Forum—The hard market changes everything
In the hard market, agents should leverage risk management to increase retention and new business

By Erica Martinson, CIC, CRM, MBA

ISO Products Perspective—Auto Dealers Program: From evolution to solution
Completing the separation of "service stations" from auto dealers

By Andrew Blancher

Management by Coaching—Stop it
The seven destructive behaviors that are killing your effectiveness

By Kimberly Paterson, CEC

Public Policy Analysis & Opinion—Money does not satisfy greed; it stimulates it
The NAIC might put members in jeopardy of ethics violations

By Kevin P. Hennosy


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