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December 2013 Rough Notes magazine


Marketing Agency of the Month:
Read, understand, advise
Ten Eyck Group brings policy expertise to its clients.

Specialty Lines Markets:
Finding your niche
Specialization could drive greater success in 2014.

Catering to carrier appetites
Helping agents find the right market the first time is RiskRadius's goal.

Benefits Agency:
A hands-on approach
Well-established benefits division provides its niches a strategic planning process.

Emerging specialty products: From cyber to sober
New risks demand new coverages, and carriers are responding.

Other Feature Stories:
Looking back … Looking ahead
Agent entrepreneurship has continued to thrive, relationships are more important than ever, and technology opens new frontiers almost daily.

4th annual Astonish e-Marketing Agency of the Year candidates

Voluntary Benefits Special Report

Voluntary Benefits: Opportunity amid chaos
As PPACA takes hold, voluntary benefits will grow in importance.

Getting personal: Auto and homeowners as voluntary benefits
Liberty Mutual's affinity program leads the way in worksite marketing.

Upfront audit for mid-sized accounts pays off
A holistic approach to risk produces great results and long-term relationships..

State of the ART market
Capital market funding of large and unpredictable risks eases strain on traditional market.


Customer Service Focus—Collaboration, innovation and engagement—Essentials to fostering and retaining service team talent
By Maggie Tirschman, CIC, CISR

Agency Financial Management—Financing sooner or later?—Now may be the time to borrow as interest rates are certain to rise
By Rick Dennen

Winning Strategies—Does your agency have the Right Stuff?—Some tips on how to create a culture that breeds success
By Roger Sitkins

Benefits Products & Services—Worksite products wrapped in wellness—Washington National promotes healthful living to complement its products
By Thomas A. McCoy, CLU

Risk Management—Self-insured retention vs. deductible—Protect your clients by knowing the differences between these two mechanisms
By Donald S. Malecki, CPCU

ISO Products Perspective—An agent's guide to UBI: Your new best friend—Usage-based insurance can save money for clients and boost agent compensation
By Isaac Wash, CPCU, and Jim Weiss, CPCU, FCAS, MAAA

Public Policy Analysis & Opinion—The Rock rests on new turf—Financial Stability Oversight Council denies Prudential's appeal and reaffirms systemic risk
By Kevin P. Hennosy

Internet Marketing—Grow a strong and profitable e-mail list—Be proactive, respectful and consistent, and positive results will follow
By John Boudreau

Benefits Business—Boosting voluntary benefit participation—Agents can help plan sponsors overcome tepid employee interest
By Len Strazewski


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