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Golf courses represent
nearly $600 million in premium

Membership clubs produce nearly half of the total premium for the niche

Anyone who has traveled around the United States has undoubtedly seen a golf course. There are almost 27,000 courses around the country, according to data compiled by MarketStance, Middletown, Connecticut, providing nearly $600 million in premium. Membership clubs account for $287.7 million in premium from 11,648 locations.

Liability is the most significant exposure for this niche and accounts for $195.1 million (68%) of the premiums written for membership clubs. Property premium is the next most important area, with $36.3 million, followed by workers comp at $33.7 million; commercial auto ($12.8 million); inland marine ($8.8 million); and boiler and machinery ($988,000).

Virtually all of the accounts (95%) are in the wheelhouse for independent agencies—small and mid-sized accounts that employ fewer than 100 employees. Adding to the attraction is the fact that the majority of the membership club accounts are enjoying modest growth.

Florida represents the king of growth in this niche, with 96% of the 533 membership clubs showing employment growth. It is also the second highest state for premium in this niche at $38.0 million, just shy of California's $38.8 million from 660 accounts. California also boasts a nice growth picture in this niche, with 60% of the accounts boasting employment growth. At the other end of the spectrum is Illinois, where only 22% of the 460 accounts show growth.

Nassau County in New York represents the leading county in terms of premium in the Rough Notes Region 1 and enjoys an average annual employment growth of 3.2% from 2010-2012. Palm Beach County, Florida, is the leader in Region 2 and boasts growth of 8.0%. In Regions 3 and 4, negative growth has hit the leading counties of Cook, Illinois (-2.0%), and St. Louis, Missouri (-1.4%). Riverside County is the leader in Region 5 and enjoys a 2.3% growth rate.

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